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Bone Fish in Belize

Bone Fish in the shallows of Belize

Fishing is great all along the coast of Belize, from the Port Honduras and Punta Icacos lagoon of Toledo to Rocky Point on Ambergris Caye. Any of the many rivers which empty into the Caribbean along Belize’s coasts can guarantee a daily catch.

The rivers, bays, lagoons, and coastline of northern Belize support a rich fishing environment. Many of the largest individuals of countrywide species swim in the northern waterways. Snappers, grouper, cobia, barracuda, rainbow runners, triggerfish, and tarpon frequent the waters of the barrier reef and its outer atolls. The deeper waters beyond the reef sport sailfish, marlin, wahoo, mackerel, bonito, pompano, blue fin, black fin, and albacore tuna. According to the moon and the season, certain fish can be found in greater abundance at certain localities.

Tarpin Fish in Belize Reef Shallows

Tarpin Fish in the reef shallows of Belize

You can fish from the shore or costs for charters depends on the type of fishing (reef, deep sea, or bone and tarpon), the size of the boat, number of anglers and time of year. This will including bait and tackle, beer, soft drinks and lunch. You will catch more from a boat though.

You can forget the stories that you have heard about the relatively small size of the Belizean brand of tarpon! One very knowledgeable and experienced fly-rodder at the lodge boated fifteen tarpon in three days and “jumped” 16 others. The largest was 178 pounds, and, as always, “you should of seen the one that got away!”

Tarpon remain the primary attraction at in the area, although there all the reef species, barracuda, snook, snapper, grouper, and of course the ever-present bonefish and occasional permit. These are really a sidelight, though, because this is tarpon fishing the way everyone dreams that it should be! The flats are situated only a mile or so from the blue water and they are constantly being replenished with fish from the deep. White sand bottoms with occasional patches of turtle grass provide an unbelievable background to make these fish very visible in the shallow water. Schools of dozens of fish can be seen pushing water like bonefish from hundreds of yards distance.

Tarpin Exploding from water

Tarpin Exploding from water

Permit fishing schooling off Belize

School of Permit fish

Permit Fish

Permit Fish

School of Bone fish off Belize reef

Belize - Bone Fish School

Permit Release

Releasing a Permit Fish

Barracuda Fish off the Belize reef

Barracuda fish off the reef in Belize